Alaksa Airlines Flight Review

Alaska Airlines Flight Review

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When Andy and I decided that we wanted to visit the pacific northwest over Memorial Day weekend, we looked into flight options from Chicago. We knew that we wanted to visit both Seattle & Portland, but were open to flying into whatever airport that was cheaper. In our searches, Alaska Airlines flights to Seattle came out as the best option. Knowing that we would be in both Seattle and Portland, we also toyed with the idea of flying in and out of different airports, but with the one way rental car fee, it did not make sense.

Alaska Airlines allows you to credit your airline miles to a number of different airline partners, including American Airlines. That was perfect for me as I wanted to continue to build my American Airlines AAdvantage account.

When we boarded, the first thing I noticed was how nice & new the plane was. The plane itself even had that “new plane” smell. The seats were a new design which you could tell were made to be as light as possible which saves on fuel costs. They were surprisingly comfortable and had a mesh seat pocket allowing you to see what is inside of the pocket, one of those “why didn’t someone think of that sooner” moments. There is nothing grosser than reaching into a pocket, only to discover whatever disgusting thing may have been left by the previous passenger. Another thing that was noticeably missing in the new seats was TV screens. Alaska Airlines removed all of these intentionally. They have a rental service for a handheld device for the flight. Since many people bring their own iPads and laptops, this saves the airline in fuel as well as maintenance costs to maintain the screens.

Another thing that I noticed was the amount of leg room we had. With the US legacy carriers trying to maximize their profits, it seems that they cram as many seats as they can into coach, banking on people paying a premium for economy plus seats with more legroom.

I would absolutely fly Alaska Airlines again. The flight went smoothly, we landed on time & I was able to credit to an airline program that I use more frequently.

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