Airbnb Apartment in Vienna Austria

Airbnb Apartment – Vienna, Austria

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I knew that it would be tough to find reasonably priced hotels over Easter weekend, but had absolutely no clue how challenging it would be. Everywhere that I looked hotels were fully booked or pricing out well over our $50 a night budget. While we could have splurged, I decided to get creative and see if I could come up with an option that was within budget.

When I was on Airbnb, I found an apartment in Vienna that looked good and was within budget. While normally I would have no hesitation to book Airbnb apartments, I was a little apprehensive as the host had no reviews. We decided that someone always has to be the first person to stay anywhere and took the leap, requesting to book the apartment.

Our host got in touch with me shortly after I made the request. She let me know that she had guests staying at the apartment before we would arrive and needed to figure out how to get the apartment cleaned and find someone to let us in since she was out of the country. The next day she let us know that her mom would meet us there and we were all set.

Our bus arrived in Vienna a little early so we arrived at the apartment before we thought we would be. This was a non-issue as our host’s mom was there, the apartment was clean and everything was all set.

Our Apartment

This apartment was different than other places that we have stayed at on Airbnb. The host used Airbnb as a way to generate income on her apartment when she was out of town. It was someone’s actual home and had their personal belongings in it, not a rental apartment which are the places that we typically stay at when booking on Airbnb.

TV and Desk in Our Airbnb Apartment in Vienna Austria

Everything was clean and we were even left Easter candy which Andy appreciated a lot. The apartment had a few amenities but we were not able to enjoy them. The kitchen was great but as we arrived Saturday evening before Easter, all of the grocery stores were closed. There was also a washing machine, but we did not need it since we had just washed all of our clothes at our apartment in Ljubljana.

Easter Candy in Our Airbnb Apartment in Vienna Austria

Kitchen in Our Airbnb Apartment in Vienna Austria

The bed itself left something to be desired. It was a daybed which was pulled open to be a full size bed. Because the mattress is intended to fold up nicely, it was more form than function since it was not very comfortable at all. We had 2 twin size blankets instead of 1 large one and European size pillows which are huge square pillows, not the standard size that we are used to. While it wasn’t our favorite, it was fine for 2 nights.

Bed in Our Airbnb Apartment in Vienna Austria

The Bathroom

Like the rest of the apartment the bathroom was very clean. It was a little strange to see our host’s toiletries, but her mother did a good job of tucking as many things away as possible so we had our own space.

The water pressure in the shower was great and we didn’t have to worry about running out of hot water.

Bathroom in Our Airbnb Apartment in Vienna Austria


While we were a little removed from the attractions of the city, we were in a great neighborhood with lots of shops, restaurants and bars. The Metro station was a short 10 minute walk from the apartment which was great. The Metro lines are quite extensive and our day pass got us everywhere that we needed to go both quickly and easily.

Street View of Our Airbnb Apartment Building in Vienna Austria

The worst part of the apartment is that it was located on the 5th floor of an apartment building without an elevator. While we don’t mind stairs, walking up that many flights of stairs with all of our gear on was a little tiring.

The check out could not have been easier as we just had to drop the keys in the mailbox on our way out.

Final Thoughts

Even though our bed at the apartment wasn’t great, it was a trade off for being able to secure a place to stay within budget in Vienna over Easter weekend. Everything was clean and the location was great so we can’t complain too much.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Vienna – I would recommend booking a hotel in the historical part of the city. That way you’re within walking distance of all of the sites. While the Metro wasn’t bad to take, it would have been nice to be able to walk everywhere that we wanted to go.

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