Airbnb Apartment Montevideo Uruguay

Airbnb Apartment – Montevideo, Uruguay

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When looking for places to stay in Montevideo I was not blown away by the options. There were nice places to stay, but they were over budget. Places that were within budget left a lot to be desired. I decided that even though we only planned to spend 2 nights in Montevideo, that I would look for an apartment.

I found a great option in the old quarter through Airbnb that was just a little over budget. We rationalized that even though the apartment was over budget we could cook which would offset our dining expenses.

Checking Into the Apartment

We communicated with our host when we would arrive and there was someone to meet us at the apartment. The woman who met us did not speak English, but fortunately we spoke enough Spanish to get by. To make it easier, our contact person who we had access to via email wrote perfect English.

When the door first opened we were really happy with the apartment. It was beautifully furnished, there were exposed brick walls, a really unique ceiling and even a chandelier. We got our keys and the wifi password, then the lady left.

Living Area in Our Airbnb Apartment in Montevideo Uruguay

It wasn’t until after she left that we realized there were 2 essential items that were missing – toilet paper and dish detergent. I picked these up at the store for a little under $2 but still voiced my frustration with the owner. He apologized and said that both of those items should have been in the apartment but there must have been some oversight when the apartment was cleaned.

Sleeping Area

The apartment was technically a studio since there was no door to the bedroom. This was fine for us since it was just the 2 of us.

The bed was a “fake king bed” that we have had all over South America – 2 twin beds pushed together. We never love this since the seam where the mattresses are pushed together is never comfortable to sleep on.

Bed in Our Airbnb Apartment in Montevideo Uruguay

For some reason, all 4 of the pillows – the sleeping pillows and shams, were all Tempur-Pedic. When we were done with our stay, we were ready to go back to traditional pillows again. While they weren’t terrible, there was something about them and their shape shifting nature that neither of us liked.


The bathroom had been recently remodeled so aesthetically it looked good. It had everything that we needed and even had a bidet.

Bathroom Sink in Our Airbnb Apartment in Montevideo Uruguay

The shower was alright but not great. We had below average water pressure and if we tried to shower back to back, the second person to shower didn’t have much hot water. How small the water heater must be to not allow two 5 minute showers in a row I’m not sure.

Bathroom Shower and Toilet in Our Airbnb Apartment in Montevideo Uruguay


While the kitchen looked amazing there were a few issues that we had:

  1. A horribly designed, tiny kitchen sink
  2. Really cheap cookware
  3. Some dirty dishes

Kitchen in Our Airbnb Apartment in Montevideo Uruguay

I think that some of the dishes were dirty since there was possibly no dish soap at the apartment when the last tenant was there. It was an easy fix as we were able to wash the dishes before we used them, just annoying since the apartment should have come to us with clean dishes.

Whenever we used the baking sheet in the oven we had to wash it in the shower. Like the dishes, the baking sheet was also dirty when we arrived so we had to wash it before we used it. The kitchen sink was literally the size of a dinner plate, so it would have been impossible to wash in the kitchen sink.

Even though the cookware wasn’t the best, we still managed to make some decent meals. The grocery stores nearby were not great so we took a city bus to a larger store which, while better, was still not amazing.


Air Conditioning

Montevideo can get warm so we were happy that we had AC in our apartment. What I didn’t like was the location of the AC unit. It blew right on the bed all night which made us freezing cold.

AC Unit in Our Airbnb Apartment in Montevideo Uruguay


The wifi in the apartment was lightening fast. We were able to catch up on loading all of our photos and videos to our Google drive, plus video chat with our families with crystal clear resolution.


The apartment could not have been in a better location for anyone interested in checking out the sights of the city. It was located right on the historical square, a very short walk to all of the main attractions.

Street View of Our Airbnb Apartment in Montevideo Uruguay

Since it is an older building, the soundproofing was not the best. A dog lived upstairs who we would hear walking around the apartment on occasion. We quite often heard 2 dogs who lived in the apartment across the street barking from the balcony. Additionally, we heard noise from people in the park and every afternoon there were drummers who performed in the park. All the noise goes with the central location so we couldn’t complain much.

Final Thoughts

We really liked the look and feel of our apartment – the exposed brick walls and chandelier gave the apartment a very vintage feel. The furnishings were great and we had everything that we needed for our stay.

While I wish that the shower was better, the kitchen had a bigger sink and better cookware, it was still a great place. We actually ended up extending our stay twice since our Brazilian visa took longer than we thought it would.

If you’re looking for a cute apartment right in the middle of Montevideo I would absolutely recommend our apartment.

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