Honeymoon Selfie in Chicago While Packing

Here’s a little info about Money Left for Travel… why we started blogging, what we can offer you, and a little background info about us… the authors of this blog!

Lynn Girard

Hi, I’m Lynn! I recently returned from an 8 month trip around the world with my husband. It was an epic trip & even though we were together 24-7, I can happily say that we came out of it a stronger couple.

When we returned home after our trip, we both agreed that while we absolutely loved Chicago, we were ready for a new start somewhere that was warmer. After taking a road trip down south, we fell in love with Asheville & decided to move down to try something new. We’re extremely excited to have a new start in a new city.

Although we visited many places on our trip, we still have a bucket list of places that we want to visit. We will continue to save as much money & airline miles as possible so we can continue to see the world!

This blog will share my secrets to saving money, earning points for travel, tips for finding the best hotels, and how to search for the most interesting things to do while on vacation. It’s not nearly as daunting as it seems it would be – if I can do it, so can you!

Andy Girard

Hi there, I’m Andy! If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m the husband that Lynn traveled around the world with. Lynn also worded everything else pretty well as to why we decided to move on from Chicago and start new in Asheville, NC. I’m excited for this next phase in our lives, and I’m sure that we’ll continue to save money and airline miles in order to see more of the world.

I grew up traveling, but I never actually flew anywhere until I was 16 years old. Fun fact: My first flight ever was a 9 hour flight to Spain in my junior year of high school. Anyway, my family was famous for taking long road trips to places all over the U.S. Well, not really famous, but maybe just secretly in my own head. Before the age of 12 I had already traveled (by car) across the country and back two different times. I think I was just getting prepared for future road trips I would end up taking on my own…

Lynn says that she was always very strict with herself financially, but I’m not going to sugar coat it (although anything sugar coated sounds amazing)… I’m cheap. At least that’s probably how the people that know me best would describe me. I’ve been saving since the day I found out what money was. Saving for what? I’m still not sure…

After college though, I found it impossible to continue saving… especially with over $20,000 in student loan debt. I knew that the only way to continue saving was to pay it off, so I made that my goal. Less than 3 years later it was paid off and another 3 years after that and I had saved another $30,000.

How did I do it? Well, I hope I can share some of my secrets with you through this blog. I also hope that I can even entertain you at times with my stories and somewhat off-beat sense of humor. That’s what I’m here for! Happy saving!

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