82 Hostel in Bogota Colombia

82 Hostel – Bogota, Colombia

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We were originally going to spend 2 nights in Bogota before we flew to Quito. We tried to book a night bus from Medellin to Bogota but they were all completely booked due to the holiday weekend. This meant that our 2 night stay was now only 1 night.

Andy and I arrived at the hostel directly from our night bus. It was around 10am, well before the standard check in time. We both had our fingers crossed that our room may be ready early so we could take a quick shower, something we both desperately wanted after being on a bus for 14 hours. We were lucky and our room was ready.

The Caribe Room

We were in the Caribe room, a private double with ensuite bathroom. As soon as we walked in, the first thing that I thought was how it smelled a little musty. While it isn’t my favorite smell, I didn’t smell it after about 5 minutes and the smell didn’t cling to any of our clothing which was my biggest concern.

Caribe Room Bed at 82 Hostel in Bogota

Having our own ensuite bathroom was great. The shower had plenty of hot water, so much in fact that for one of the first times on the trip I had to add cold water when I took my shower. Hot water is one of those things that you don’t think of when you’re in the US but constantly think about when you’re in South America since a cold shower is seriously one of the worst things ever.

Caribe Room Bathroom at 82 Hostel in Bogota

Our room faced the street which would ordinarily not be an issue, but during our stay, there was some construction directly across the street. Since there were quite a few windows in our room, the sound traveled quite easily. All during the day there was a jackhammering noise. Fortunately for us, this noise was only from around 8am until 5pm so it didn’t interfere with our sleep.

Our room had a large mural on one wall of an overwater bungalow. After spending enough time in very poorly decorated rooms over the last month, having some color was very welcome.

Caribe Room Mural at 82 Hostel in Bogota



The hostel does not have keys for the front door. In order to enter or exit, you have to be buzzed in or out by the receptionist. This made me feel very secure as I knew that the only people who could get into the building were seen by the employees.

While I thought having to be buzzed in and out would be annoying, the receptionists were fast. I was always buzzed in before I could even hit the buzzer to call for them to buzz me in.

Side note: Inside by the main entrance there was another mural on the wall which showed the evolution of a backpacker from a business man. We both thought it was pretty amusing.

Evolution of a Backpacker Mural at 82 Hostel in Bogota


Generally the wi-fi in South America is pretty terrible. The wi-fi at 82 hostel was better than we had to date. Since we didn’t get out into the city too much, we were able to fully upload all of our pictures and videos that we had not yet uploaded to our Google drive. We really felt accomplished when we completed this as if anything were to happen to our gear, all of our memories would be protected in our cloud.


Since we were only in town for 1 night we didn’t make use of the kitchen but there was a large shared kitchen available for us to use. The kitchen was very clean and all of the cabinets were very clearly labeled which made it easier for guests to find what they were looking for.

Shared Kitchen at 82 Hostel in Bogota


Whenever possible, we always try and get breakfast included in our hostel rate. Even though it is usually nothing to write home about, or to blog about, it saves us both time and money. The breakfast at 82 Hostel was pretty good. We had milk and cereal, croissants and jam as well as fruit. The croissants were very fresh and so good we both ate 2 of them!

Dining Area at 82 Hostel in Bogota

Shared TV/movies

In the lower level of the hostel, there was a shared TV with a number of bootleg DVDs that you could watch. While we considered vegging out and watching a movie, we decided that catching up on our blog posts would be a better use of our time. We sat on the makeshift couch, plugged in our laptops and got to work. As I’m writing this we are behind again, but I see that as a sign that we’re having so much fun on our trip that we don’t have the time to write or post articles.

Shared TV and Movies at 82 Hostel in Bogota

Shared Seating Area at 82 Hostel in Bogota


Our cab driver from the airport was having a hard time finding the hostel even though we had the address. After we saw a map we understood why – Calle 80, one of the cross streets does not exist for a period, then re-starts. Our driver was coming from the direction where it didn’t exist and was getting confused.

Street View of 82 Hostel in Bogota

When we went out to explore the area we thought it seemed quite odd. Turns out we zigged when we should have zagged. The hostel is very close to a trendy, expat friendly part of town. There was tons of shopping and restaurants a short walk from our hostel.

Final Thoughts

We didn’t like Bogota much and will probably never return. That being said, if you are looking for a place to stay in Bogota, I would check out Hosel 82. The location is good, staff is great and the price is even better.

My biggest issue was that our room smelled a little musty. I’m sure that is a relatively easy fix for the hostel if they decide to address it. The things that can’t be changed – location and room layout were great.

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