2 Days in Dubrovnik Croatia

2 Days in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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When we were walking around the streets of Dubrovnik, Andy commented many times how it felt like we were walking through a movie set somewhere. I have to agree, the feel of the city felt more like a movie than real life and the charm was unmissable. The city itself was extremely beautiful, but once you add in the super clear water that always looked a teal or deep blue color, it was unbelievable.

Panoramic of Old Town from Lovrijenac Fort Stairs in Dubrovnik Croatia

I can see why they film so many movies and shows here – including Game of Thrones and Star Wars VIII. Andy was particularly bummed out that we got into town the day after the Star Wars filming ended. Once we learned how tight the security was during the filming, we knew that we didn’t miss out. If anything, it was fortunate that we arrived after filming as we didn’t have to deal with any closed roads.

Some of the Star Wars Set Pieces on Placa Street in Dubrovnik Croatia

Getting to Dubrovnik

Since Kotor, Montenegro and Dubrovnik, Croatia are both on the water, my original plan was to take a ferry from one city to the other. While there are ferries that run this route, they were not yet running as we were visiting during low season.

This left us with the option to take the bus. There were several buses a day which ran the 2.5 hour route which made getting from point A to B very easy. Our bus was smaller and not the nicest that we have had on our trip, but for a short ride, it was not an issue for us.

Dubrovnik Old Town City Walls

One of the most popular attractions in Dubrovnik is to walk the city walls. Since we had seen many people walking the walls the afternoon we arrived, we decided that we would go first thing in the morning when hopefully fewer people would be out.

In Front of Lovrijenac Fort from the City Walls in Dubrovnik Croatia

We purchased tickets for 120K or $18.25 which seemed pretty high to us and we were off. Our plan to get up early and be out while others were still sleeping worked out well. While there were still some people around there weren’t too many. We took the opportunity to set up the tripod a few times to get some great pictures.

Sitting Above Old Town from the City Walls in Dubrovnik Croatia

Panoramic of Old Town from the City Walls in Dubrovnik Croatia

If you plan to walk the walls, make sure that you take your time walking the walls. All of the traffic moves around the walls in a counterclockwise position and once you exit, you can not re-enter without purchasing another ticket.

Lovrijenac Fort

We both pondered if we wanted to spend 30K or $4.50 each to visit the Lovrijenac Fort. It looked similar to the city walls and we wondered how different the view would be. After some back and forth, we decided that we would likely only be in Dubrovnik once, so we should pay the money to go up.

Lovrijenac Fort from the City Walls in Dubrovnik Croatia

Once we were at the top, I was surprised how much different the view was from the city walls. Instead of seeing the city and the water, we were able to see the city walls, city and water. This gave a unique perspective of the walled city from an aerial view.

Standing on the Wall at Lovrijenac Fort in Dubrovnik Croatia

I think the best part of our visit to the Lovrijenac Fort was the fact that there were very few people around. We were able to get quite a few great pictures without worrying about anyone getting in our way.

Boat Ride

Being right on the water, we wanted to go on a boat ride. After doing some research, we found out that there were ferries from Dubrovnik to Lokrum Island. After going to the port, we learned that these ferries are seasonal and were not yet running. Knowing that we still wanted to go on a boat ride, we booked an hour boat ride for 75K or $11.40 each. Originally there was only going to be us and another couple on the boat, but as we were pulling away, another 6 people paid and joined us.

Old Town from Our Boat Ride in Dubrovnik Croatia

It was great for being able to see the city from a different perspective but was not the most interesting boat ride we’ve ever been on. If we were to do it over again, I’m not sure that I would spend the money on the boat ride we selected. I would opt to go on the ferry instead so we would be able to see the island as well.

From the Boat during Our Boat Ride in Dubrovnik Croatia

Game of Thrones

I don’t watch Game of Thrones as it isn’t my type of television show, but Andy really enjoys it. When we walked around Dubrovnik he kept telling me this is where this scene was filmed. I wasn’t overly impressed by it in the beginning, but after I saw how much the show changes the backdrops with CGI, I was very surprised that he was able to pinpoint the locations so well.

Andy on the Walk of Shame Stairs from Game of Thrones Season 5 in Dubrovnik Croatia

There were Game of Thrones tours that you could go on, but the cost was very high and it would have only been exciting for Andy. We looked up to see where some locations were, but had a hard time finding some of the exact places since the websites we found were not overly specific. Also, for some reason, the websites that we found only listed scenes through season 4, not all the way through season 5, the latest season.

On our first day we also happened to come across a Game of Thrones store that sold everything from t-shirts to action figures. Inside the store was a replica of the iron throne, so of course I took a picture of Andy sitting on the throne.

Sitting on the Iron Throne at a Game of Thrones Shop in Dubrovnik Croatia

Final Thoughts

We visited Dubrovnik during the off season which worked out well for us since it was a lot less crowded than the summer season. It also limited what we could see and do as not everything is open or running during the low season.

Panoramic of Old Town and Adriatic Sea from Lovrijenac Fort in Dubrovnik Croatia

I think the most surprising thing for us during our time in Dubrovnik was how hard it was to find inexpensive food. We were staying at a guesthouse which did not have a kitchen so we had to eat out for every meal. Normally there are a few restaurants which are very inexpensive for grab and go meals, but in Dubrovnik we struggled to find anything for less than $7 per person. I know it’s a tourist town, but it was a little bit challenging on our budget.

Both Kotor and Dubrovnik are walled cities along the Adriatic Sea, but I was surprised at just how different the vibe was between the cities. Kotor is a much smaller, sleepier town while Dubrovnik is much larger and seemed to have much more going on. I’m glad that we were able to visit both of them to see the differences. I would have to say my preference was Kotor. I liked the smaller feel of the city and didn’t feel like we got tourist priced quite as much.

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